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Policies and  Procedures

We have these policies and procedures in place to protect not only our staff, but our clients as well. These cover topics such as our cancelation policy, informed consent, our zero tolerance sexual harassment policy, and more. 

Zero Tolerance Harassment

Ebb Tide Massage Therapy is committed to providing an environment for clients and staff that is comfortable, safe, and free from harassment of any kind. Any type of harassment is a violation of this policy and may be illegal. Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but not limited to, the following: words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence. Harassment does not have to be sexual in nature. Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature. It is not the intent of the behavior by the offender that determines if harassment has occurred, but whether the behavior is welcome by the receiver. Here at Ebb Tide Massage Therapy, we will not tolerate any form of harassment. Any form of harassment will cause the immediate end of your massage, and you will be expected to pay for the entire duration of your scheduled service. Furthermore, the offender will no longer be welcome to book with Ebb Tide Massage therapy and legal action may be taken. 



Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations or reschedules. Clients who do not advise this policy will be liable to a cancelation fee of 50% of the scheduled service. Clients who miss their appointments without prior notice will be charged 100% of their scheduled service, and may not be eligible for rebooking. 


Late Arrival

Clients who arrive later than their scheduled appointment time will not receive an extended appointment. In some cases, extended appointments may be granted depending on the availability of the therapist but are not guaranteed. 


Informed Consent and the Right of Refusal

Informed consent is the process by which a fully informed client consents to participate in the massage therapy treatment. Prior to your massage, your therapist will discuss your treatment plan in detail and ask you to sign a Consent to Treat form once you and your therapist agree to the treatment plan. Clients also have the right of refusal, this means that our clients have the right to deny or stop treatment. We are happy to adjust pressure, temperature, musical volume, work longer on an area or move on if you request it. The client may choose to: leave on as much clothing as needed for comfort, refuse any massage methods, or stop the massage at any time. Clients also have the right to allocate which areas they want to work on, and any areas they do not want worked on.

Black Water

You Are Welcome Here.

Ebb Tide Massage Therapy strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexuality. 

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