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30 Minute Targeted Therapeutic Massage


A targeted treatment perfect for those with tight muscles and tight schedules! This therapeutic treatment will be targeted to a specific area of concern designated by the client. A fully custom treatment which uses therapeutic techniques to promote restoration. 

Hand Massage

60 Minute Integrated Therapeutic Massage


A restorative treatment that uses a combination of relaxation, therapeutic, and even deep tissue techniques. This treatment is customized to the client to promote restoration and relaxation.

Sports massage on leg

90 Minute Integrated Therapeutic Massage


An expanded restorative treatment which uses a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue techniques to promote restoration and relaxation. This treatment is customized to the client's needs and areas of concern.

Pressure point massage 2

In Home Appointments


In home appointments are available to those who want to enjoy massage in the comfort of their own home. Prices will vary depending on the distance traveled by the therapist. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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